Etihad Enabling Travel For Everyone

There is no doubt that traveling has changed over time, especially after the covid restrictions. It would be best if you had an airline that you could trust. The aerophobia in me relies on the quality of the airlines and the reviews on the trust pilot to make it through the list of selections. But it is not just about safety. Air travel can often be expensive, especially when you thrive on traveling. For someone like me who is inclined to travel, I tend to stay updated with the most recent offers packages and the safest airlines to travel with. I have found Etihad to be one of the best airlines in safety. 

What Makes Etihad Safe? 

Airline ratings started back in 2013, and over 385 significant airlines participated in the process. The people making the judgments took several factors into account, from air crashes over the last five years to sticking with covid 19 Policies, audits of the governing bodies, and several other factors. Etihad landed 2nd place on the safety index falling just behind Air New Zealand. 

To make the most of the upcoming summer holidays, Once my safety phobia was satisfied, I began researching the destinations where I should travel to and the packages I would be able to beg with Etihad. Here is what I found out. 

Explore The Caribbean With Etihad

Nothing speaks like beaches than the beautiful summer weather something about the cool sea breeze can be felt across the face. A relaxed yet fun temperature of 24 to 29 degrees celsius. Most travelers find the island`s warmth appealing, and beach resorts to be a plus amidst the activities being offered, such as snorkeling, surfing, boating, and paddling. Explore the flower forest in the Bahamas or ride in the ferries of the US Virgin Islands. Travelers often go through the Virgin Islands to avail of the 1600$ duty free shopping allowance. The minimum airfare starts from 4680$ for a round trip from Abu Dhabi.

Live The Luxurious Summers

Whether you want to explore the shining sand of the beach or resort to the luxurious lifestyle of Abu dhabi or explore the mystical lands of Vietnam. If you plan on a pampered trip to aesthetical places of the world and walk along the timeless streets of Paris. You can make your travel plans for your dream trip with Etihad as it travels to over 100 destinations in 54 countries of the world. From hotel accommodations to rental cars, everything is covered on the plan. All you have to do is enter the information, and the rest will be taken care of by the officials of the Etihad. Experience the ultimate luxury with Etihad.

Get Around Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most desired destinations to visit in the middle east. Its shifting dunes or the calm oases are a sight for sore eyes nothing you will find across the world. Etihad airways belong to Abu Dhabi. You can get special discounts by booking through Etihad and get to explore the streets of Al Ain, which is surrounded by seven oases and a picturesque fort, get familiar with the history, and be only an hours` drive from the safest destination in the world. You get a chance to explore Dubai as well. Save up to 40 % on hotel stays of 6 nights with Etihad`s stopover package to get a bargain around the beautiful city the airline calls home.

Family Friendly Deals

The family trips are supposed to be a bit laid back. Whether you are looking for a small gateway from the day to day or for an experience of a lifetime. Etihad is here to help you along the process, making life a bit simplified. You can visit the beaches of Thailand, Maldives, and Greece because there is nothing like watching over kids lying on the beach while kids make castles and play with the sand. Explore the beach resorts and marine life overnight while you take a stroll along the coast. 

Traveling with Family is all about balance, and if your crew prefers a thrilling experience, opt for Dubai, Australia, or the US, as they are filled with theme parks and exciting adventures. 

But don`t rule out the possibility of walking along the streets of Istanbul and the aesthetic monuments of London or enjoying the history of Europe. 

The budget for kids is a bit restricted considering the ever rising inflation. It is hard to make ends meet, let alone travel for memories, but Etihad airways` Family friendly deals make it possible for everyone to travel.

Apart from the promotions mentioned above running on the platform, students can avail of an additional 10% off on their travel fares by showing their enrollment letter or student card. Sign up for our newsletter for more exciting offers from the renowned luxurious airline.