Privacy And Policy

Privacy policy is usually made to collect the personal information of the visitors of the website in order to keep the check on the visitor’s personal interests so that we can improve our site.

We ensure our customers that all the information collected and saved by our website would can be used to support our customers regarding shipments and at we will make sure that none of your personal information like your name, email, contact and address will be used in any of the abusive act or it will not be share to anyone at any cost and will be kept totally confidential.

Rights and Permits:

We are allowed to take any legal action if we found anyone copying any data, contents, pictures, logos, information or any other thing from our website as all the content available on our website are copyrighted.

You may find some other website links during shopping from our website and we are requested you to go through the terms and conditions and policies of such websites to do a stress free shopping and we will not be responsible for any of their practices and laws. can change their policies, terms and conditions anytime without providing any prior notice. We can also discontinue or stop the usage of your voucher anytime and are not answerable to anyone.

We are providing 24/7 online helpline services and therefore request our customers to contact us and feel free to ask any queries to our customer help center.