5 Cities To Travel To This Summer

Summers are approaching, and the most precious time to travel across continents, inter continent, and make inter country travel is here. However, for people setting foot out for the first time and getting out of their comfort zones, it becomes relatively harder to narrow down their options and possible places to visit. 

What makes a travel destination great? Is it the vibrant city life, famous beaches, historical spots, monuments, or just the cultural experience and food quality with five starred restaurants? To judge each place without any biases, I considered all the factors before producing a list of countries. Compiling a list of countries was a daunting and exhilarating task but after thorough research and several surveys. The list includes a wide variety of options catering to the needs of all types of individuals. Visiting some places might be heftier in the pockets than in others, but it depends on where you are coming from. 

Mexico and South Asia seemed to be the favorite among individuals from different parts of the world. With Mexico standing at number one and let us get into why 

5 Most Popular Destinations


Consuming most of the world`s tourists means the place has something drawing to it. The `San Miguel De Allende,` which seems like the perfect harmony of historical relics, is intriguing and exciting outside the Mexico city, 170 miles northwest. The city is full of exotic cuisines. Walk worthy streets to admire the beauty of the city and friendly people. Respondents loved the town, describing the place as magical and mystical.

Its rich culture and affordable nature make Mexico an excellent spot for vacations. But also, the long standing beautiful beaches help the city in scoring additional points. The luxurious resorts will become your next step toward exploration and entertainment. And if you are unable to find anything there, the Mexican cuisine will keep you excited for the tenure of your stay.

Udaipur, India

Taj mahal and other Mughal history are not all that India has to offer. Even though Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, each city is multicultural and very different from each other with their own standings. Udaipur tends to take the crown. The city is often referred to as the Venice of the east and the city of lakes.

The popular tourist destination has everything to offer, from mystical landmarks along the river banks and the deep historical background leading to Rajput tenure. You will be able to see luxurious hotels and world class museums, including the city palace museums, which cover a square area of 200,000 sq ft and date back to 1559. The place is famous for being home to several Maharanas of Mewar. 

The city also has excellent romantic backdrops to fill the hearts of our beloved readers with love, so if you are looking for a place to make the big ask, this might be it.


Istanbul was of prominent importance during the Ottoman era, referred to as Constantinople, the ottoman era might have ended, but the city`s significance has not reduced one bit. Part of the reason that makes Istanbul unique and loved by foreigners is its blend of Islamic grace and European culture. 

Domes and Minaret of medieval architecture, including the famous Blue Mosque, seem to take up the skies of Istanbul. The Impressive architecture does not stop here, Dolmabahce palace is an elegant place with gold embellished ceilings, and the bohemian crystal chandelier gifted by Queen Victoria is a sight you will not witness anywhere in the world. Take a self guided tour at the palace or stroll along the streets of Sultanahmet, `the heart of Istanbul.` You can also visit the grand bazaar to get souvenirs on your way back home. Visit the Hodjapasha culture center for a spiritual experience and connect with mystical rhythms while exploring Sufism.

Kyoto, Japan

The first thing that pops into your mind when you picture Japan includes Zen gardens, shrines, and temples. At least that is the picture I came up with. Kyoto is a popular city that people should visit at least once in their lives.  

If I were to describe it in a nutshell, the city could easily be referred to as the cultural and historical heart of the country. If you are looking for a laid back place to clear your mind and just clear out the buzz of the world, Kyoto will not disappoint.

The must see attractions include Shinto Shrines, Popular Japanese Gardens, Buddhist Temples, a meal in traditional Japanese restaurants, and a night in the ryokan are just some of the things among loads left to explore.

Ubud, Indonesia

Home to Bali`s art and a pandora box of its culture, Ubud has everything you would like to see in one place. Become part of the local youth practicing gamelan in the town hall or experience the performance of well known Kecak fire dance.

Experience the calmness of lush green forests in the Ubud monkey forest or stop for a picnic at Tegalalang `rice terrace` to explore nature like never before. Discover yourself in the `elephant caves,` which is one of the most prominent archeological sites, or witness the greatness of Puri Saren Agung at the Ubud Royal Palace. Escape the mainstream line of restaurants and luxurious stays by trekking on the Campuhan Ridge walk that frees you from the worries of society. Make sure to grab souvenirs from the art market, be it the silk scarves, kites, or hand crafted goods.

Nonetheless, being an unknown city, regardless of how many attractions and the welcoming nature of the people it offers, it is always scary walking into a land of unknown. Especially when you don`t have any of the variables sorted out for you. Let Citytravel be your partner as it provides you with a complete list of accommodations with ratings and reviews. You can also make flight reservations on the platform at lower prices. Explore the unknown while keeping your mind at peace.