Travel Advice For 2022 Summer Holidays

The academic year is about to end, and with travel restrictions at ease for the first time in the years, this is the time to get out of your home and live a little. Traveling across the continents in no time while enjoying a breathtaking journey among the clouds is a one in a lifetime experience for many. Every year hundreds of thousands of people do it. There is no better airline than Etihad as it is one of the most preferred airlines around the world. 

But traveling after so long means cold feet and travel anxiety waiting to kick in. Staying put for such a huge period and not being able to explore due to covid makes it all the harder to keep everything in check as the world is not the same as it used to be. It has changed for our safety and survival, and so has traveled with it. This is why we bring you several tips and reminders to make travel a fun and joyous experience instead of a tedious and exhausting task. Here is what Etihad has done to make the transition to newer times easier for their travelers.

Requirements By Destination 

Each destination you choose to visit has set up some similar but also different protocols for controlling the covid outbreaks. These restrictions change frequently and often become a cause of problems for people. The best way is to follow the blog page of Etihad to stay updated with the frequent updates restrictions.

Verified To Fly

Standing in lines to verify your documents means arriving at the airport long before you are supposed to. It becomes a cause for inconvenience for travelers, especially those traveling with family, it becomes rather exhausting keeping track of children. However, with Etihad`s `Verified to fly` Feature, you can easily skip the lines by uploading the relevant supporting documents online on Etihad`s website before reaching the airport. 

All you have to do is visit the office and sign in to `manage your bookings,` There is a set of simple instructions that will guide you. Once all the documents are in line with government policies. It will surely grant you faster check n.

Home CheckIn Services

During travel season, especially as the summers approach, the check ins mean standing in line for hours. But Etihad brings another Feature to make this experience smooth for you. The check in for economy class individuals starts four hours before the flight`s departure and closes an hour before the flight departs. For first class, the check in starts a couple of hours before the flight and closes forty five minutes before the flight. 

The `Home Check in` feature lets you skip the queue and check in luggage easily at your home. It also allows you to pick the seats as per your liking and collect their luggage tags and boarding parts at the ease of your home. The service is available at a reasonable price of 220 AED for up to four bags, regardless of the number of passengers.

Smart Travel

Etihad has adopted technology and is evidently revolutionizing the way we fly. While going through immigration for departure or upon return, there are e gates at Abu Dhabi`s airports where UAE residents and nationals can show their passports, boarding pass, or mobile to get them scanned. Then this should speed up the process.

More Legroom

For my taller friends, legroom on an airplane is always an issue. Making the travel inconvenient.

The same is the case with people with kids. They require space, with the economy space option available at Etihad now, travelers can enjoy more space and enough legroom at a reasonable amount. Conveniently there is also no neighbor option for our friends demanding more space. They need to let the airline know before 72 hours of departure, and you will be taken care of. 

Baggage Policy

The allowance of the weight of items you can bring with you depends on the ticket you opt for. The standard allowance for economy class tickets is 7kgs and 12 kgs for first and business class guests. Before boarding, you will be checked, and it would not be a bad idea to recheck your bags for the access weight, as in case of the amount exceeding the allowed baggage, you will be asked either to remove the items or pay up, which can cost pretty hefty for the consumers.

Regardless of what medium you are using to travel, it is vital to carry out the necessary precautions in these struggling times. Make sure to bring along hand sanitizers, and masks and keep a safe distance of 1 meter at all times.

However, To make the most out of travel plans and explore the world on a budget, I would recommend booking your flights a bit early and being flexible with the destinations you plan on visiting. 

Etihad, apart from offering different bundles to its travelers, provides utmost security in these hinging times with its covid policies, which is why the popular airline is conveyed off as one of the safest airlines in the world.  

The popular Dubai Airlines also caters to many destinations with over 122 destinations and provides services to residents of all the four continents Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and several middle eastern countries.

It might be the only airline that offers a nanny service to its travelers, offering an extra set of hands to new mothers and helping them take care of their loved ones. However, Among other reasons, the smart seats charge up your electronics and apps to make sure it is a convenient process. There is so much more than the earlier mentioned that Etihad brings to the table.