Medicated Footwear To Reduce Your Foot Pain

Hectic routines, weakness in body joints, and long walking habits can be gruesome if your feet aren`t in the right shoe.

Having a comfortable shoe is good, but making an informed decision in buying the best fit for your feet and treating the Pain the right way is better.

Kuru possesses expertise in medicated Footwear. It has done a diverse study on the various problems a person experiences and produces the right shoes for every situation.

When it comes to shoes, there are countless alternatives. It`s easy to understand why the shoe wear industry is a billion dollar industry. We all wear shoes, and most have many pairs for various purposes. Your choice of shoes significantly influences your foot health, endurance, and recovery, as well as any podiatrist or sports trainer will tell you. Your daily activities will be more pleasant and pain free if you wear supportive, sturdy, and comfy shoes. You can also avoid heel discomfort in the future.

How To Choose Good Quality Shoes

You should first be aware of your shoe size. Most shoe retailers can measure your size, and we advise rechecking your size after any weight gain or reduction since this can result in a change in foot size. While knowing your shoe size is essential, the shoe`s fit counts. You may be a size 8 in one brand and a men`s 9.5 in another. The fit, not necessarily the size, is what matters.

One Step Heel Counter

The area of the shoe that supports your heel is referred to as the heel counter. This shoe area should be firm but not too stiff or flexible. I illustrate how to look for a firm heel counter in the image on the left. To examine the shoe`s stability, gently push its rear.

A Challenge To Twist

Your shoes shouldn`t be `wrung out` in any way. Hold the shoe as shown on the right, placing one hand at the toe box and the other on the rear of the sole. To check the twist in the sole, gently twist your hands at the wrists apart. A decent shoe will have just the right amount of give.

Band Your Toes

A stable shoe should also gently bend where the toes curl but not where the arch is located in the center of the shoe. The toes may move thanks freely to the toe box`s elasticity. The excessive midfoot flex might lead to instability.

Explore By Foot Pain

Planter Fasciitis

The fibrous tissue, plantar fascia, on the sole of your foot, which links your heel bone to your toes, becomes inflamed when you have plantar fasciitis. Heel discomfort from plantar fasciitis can be very severe.

To overcome the Pain, you need to grab these pairs from KURU.


its breathable mesh keeps things light and airy. It also helps in flexible upper delivers a secure, comfortable fit and stability.


With QUANTUM`s opulently spacious toe boxes, you can let your toes wiggle and your bunions breathe. It works comfortably for workouts to dog walks, your feet will stay dry thanks to the breathable mesh uppers and moisture wicking inside.

Flat Feet

A frequent ailment known as flatfeet cause the inner arches of the feet to collapse under pressure. This condition is sometimes referred to as flatfoot. Those who have flatfeet have a foot that points outward when they stand up, and the whole soles of their feet contact the ground.


With a simple slip on design that includes functional front and rear pull tabs, you can avoid the hassle of laces and stay mobile. Their advanced NOVAKNIT material feels as accommodating as your favorite socks while providing enough breathability all day, full length cushion. Excellent help. Our technology results in a slip on that is both casual and comfortable enough to wear every day.


Protect your feet with sneaker level support tucked into a chic, multi strap sandal. The uppers are full grain leather and have a plush lining that feels incredibly nice on your feet. Adjustable straps provide a perfect fit. Dress up your business attire and leave for the evening in a sandal appropriate for many settings.

Give your feet the comfort they deserve in KURU`s most versatile range of designs.