What Makes Marriott The Best Hotel Accommodator

Bachelor trips, business weekdays away, weddings and vacationers, even college graduates going around the country, and many other types of travelers you will encounter using hotels. Some might be looking to stay there for a night, while others have extended stay in mind. With plenty of hotels available, narrowing down your options is significantly hard. But if you show loyalty to one brand, there is so much you can benefit from.

What Makes Marriott Special?

Ever wondered which loyalty cards to get, where to stay and which hotel provides the best services and the best stewardship program. The answer to beautiful stays, excellent service, and world-class professionalism is Marriott.

Marriott is a pioneer and one of the most renowned brands when it comes to the hotel industry. There are several reasons for it being so popular. 

  • The renowned industry leader has over 665 locations in more than 130 countries of the world. They have 205053 rooms all around the world and have about 180000 employees working for the hotel as well. 

  • Their impeccable services, constant innovations, and efficient utilization of technology make the brand stand out among the other service providers of a similar kind.

  • The organization is so well reputed because of its strict implementation of rules. Every professional that works under the name of the brand is trained to provide optimum services to its customers.

  • Most of the establishments of Marriott are near the famous attractions of the city or countryside. Provides ease to its customers in case they plan to go out for a stroll or just wander around the city.

  • The adaptation of newer techniques and meeting customer expectations through data-driven research is why most customers around the world prefer Marriott.

  • They care about their employees. Marriott has been termed as one of the most diverse organizations globally by Forbes. It is 99th on the list of best employers for women and begs 28th position worldwide as the best employer.

  • There is no doubt that marriage is a global brand. Its presence in 131 countries and the expansion plan only make it more convenient for the popular franchise to avail of services in different parts of the world.

  • It stimulates a complete travel experience and not just caters to individuals for a place to stay the night by using the Marriott bonvoy experience.

How Can You Save With Marriott?

Marriott launched its Marriott bonvoy three years ago, which works on enhancing the customer experience by rewarding them with loyalty points. 

The loyalty reward program was started to prefer and accommodate their loyal customers in the best possible way.

On nerd wallet, Marriott users can redeem a point for .7 cents. I would recommend the readers use the redeemed points for their hotel stays as it is the best way to maximize the points. Redeeming points for air travel, cruises, gift cards, and various other things will not provide as much value.  

The Marriott bonvoy program has been divided into five levels, with each successive tier offering richer benefits to its users while granting several bonuses.

Silver Elite: It is the initial stage of loyalty membership where users can retain up to a 10% point bonus.

Gold Elite: With continued usage of Marriott bonvoy, users can move up to elite gold status. Which not only begs them 25% points earring bonus, room upgrades (not including suites), and points on check-in gifts.

Platinum Elite: The number three on the tier comes with several privileges, with the prominent one being a 50% point-earning bonus, late checkouts till 4 pm, and room upgrades including suites, check-in gifts, i.e., points, breakfast, or welcome amenities. It also includes lounge access and an annual choice benefit once you have stayed 50 days.

Titanium Elite: This tier is the same as platinum elite with one significant change of 75% point-earning bonus and annual choice benefit at the stay of 50 and 75 days.

Ambassador Elite: The ambassador elite tier is the best of all the levels. You get all the titanium elite and ambassador service privileges, and your 24. This means you get to choose your own check-in and check-out timings and a designated ambassador to solve your problems. The ambassadors will sort every inter Hotels problem out, reducing the frustration and becoming your helping hand during the stay.

New members start at the standard level with primary perks, which include complimentary wifi and mobile check-in, and member rate. Still, as you move up the ladder, the bonus on points earned increases the points awarded to the ambassador elite. 

Marriott believes that personal success lies in customer experience. Better customer experience means higher retention rates.

When you book any hotel, often their concern revolves around the tenure of your stay and is limited to providing you services within the hotel.


It provides its customers with special events happening around their stay, so if you don`t already have plans, you can take part in the event happening around and not spend the afternoon curled up in the bedroom.